My "Retirement" Has Been "Retired!"

Here's why I decided never to retire again.

Mark j Armstrong @TheBeach

Welcome to My BLOG. I'm Mark Armstrong.

After a lifetime of Entrepreneurial work, I took a four year, off the grid retirement, enjoying sunny, South Florida. Not even a smartphone. I came back two years ago and was all set to retire again. Then, I heard some of Gary V's motivational talks and saw some of his videos. And, BOOM! Just like that, I'm all in again!

My "Retirement Giveaway" is over. I've decided NOT to retire (again) after all.

If you took me up on my "Retirement Sale" Giveaway-No worries. You can keep all the software and training I gave you. Hopefully, you may even join in on this Caribbean adventure, and "pay it forward".

I know you'll accomplish great things with the tools you "stole" from me:)  And, remember, I'm available to help you in any way I can and answer any questions on how to use those tools.

Watch the video of what Gary said that motivated me. Maybe you, too, can get pumped up with Gary's sage advice.

Do you know what trait you need if you want to succeed? 

Whether it’s Marketing, Entrepreneurship or almost anything.

No, it's not money.

No, it's not education.

It's the art of the hustle and Gary V here is a hustler extraordinaire.

His video is one of the reasons I decided to “retire” my “retirement.”

I watched this video quite a few times and every time I watched it it made more and more sense

First thing I did when I returned From a 4 year #retirement" was hold a couple of #HavanaHackathons. haha a guy in his 60s goes to Cuba and makes Hackathons.

Now, I'm Matchmaking Cuban Tech Workers with US Companies that want top notch work at low cost investment.

I decided to put my retirement on hold, permanently, and I'm going to be living the laptop lifestyle in the Caribbean.

  • Teaching, Training & Coaching people how to improve. How to get ahead.

  • I've set up an Training Academy called United Islands Academy.

  • I'm going to give a scholarship for anyone from the Caribbean to learn how to be a Digital marketer.

  • I'm going to train them how to make money from their own Island.

  • To have a career in the Caribbean that pays well is almost impossible to do for native Islanders.

  • They have to get off of the island and go to Miami, London, New York and elsewhere to make a decent living.

And, what happens when they get to these faraway places?

Because they are usually discriminated against, they end up with the crappy jobs like cleaning toilets as maids, washing dishes at restaurants, mowing lawns driving taxis and other menial tasks.

I'm going to recruit the very best Online Marketing Gurus, & Coders to help me train these people how to get ahead.

They can then take what we've taught them & be successful on their own islands promoting Tourism, their Culture, & their Island's Exports. 


I don't care what kind of business you're in, this will work for any kind of business.

I'll be setting up a school for you also, and I'll be giving away a few free lessons to see if this is something for you. Something you will get value out of.

And, any tuition money I earn from this training is going towards paying for equipment for the Caribbean.

Computers, travel expenses and all the tools they will need to succeed by plugging into the global economy & uplifting their lives.

Marketing Courses for Marketers.

And, for those reading this not from the islands, I’ll have a training program for you, too.

Want to learn how to make money online with your own part or full time business?  

Want to get tips on how to let automation do the hustling for you so you can get more leads and customers without breaking a sweat?

How to get ahead without working any harder than you’re probably working now.

Fact is you’ll  probably work less because of the Automation software I'm going to teach you to use and harness for your business.