How to sell a domain name for tens of thousands of dollars

How I Sold a Domain Name for Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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How I sold a domain I'd owned for 17 years for tens of thousands of dollars.

As I promised yesterday, here is a copy of the Email that brought me out of a 4 year retirement in sunny, South Florida and gave me my biggest one day payday in my 20 plus Online Marketing career...and a New Challenge.

How to sell a domain name for tens of thousands of dollars
This email eventually led to about 20 others as we negotiated, and finally culminated into a successful sale & transfer of the domain name. BOOM! And just like that tens of thousands of dollars of easy, and unexpected profits came my way. Totally out of the blue! Like a fantasy dream! I am not revealing this domain name due to a nondisclosure agreement I signed. But I will tell you the story behind it. Who knows? Maybe you too can have a big payday like this someday. As I told you yesterday, I was retired and living in sunny, South Florida.  I had totally disconnected myself from the grid after burning out after nearly 20 years of 20 hour days. (I had pulled "all-nighters" many times-some that lasted 3 days.) I was addicted to learning and discovering every new tool, software package, strategy & scheme being released every day. And then I had an illness and I disconnected myself for the first time in forever. Not even a smartphone. No email. No computer. Nothing. In fact, the email used in this transaction wasn't even mine. It was my 89 year old mothers. Yeh, I guess geekiness runs in the family. haha. I had sold or shut down everything accept this 1 domain name. I knew I had a winner when I registered that name about 18 years ago and turned out I was right. I've been right a few times. (I have had other domain name sales of $10,000)-But never one for this much. I paid the domain registration fee each year because I knew it had value. I was living a very nice leisurely Florida retirement lifestyle. People dream of this type of life. A real fantasy lifestyle in a tropical playground, just as your life is starting to wind down a little. Palm Trees, Golf Courses and Balmy Ocean Breezes are heaven compared to the Chicago winters I was used to putting up with. Brrrr. Is it cold where you are living today? Haha. I bet my neighborhood looks really good to you then. Deerfield Beach Pier Ok, let me get back to that amazing Email I received in June. At first, I didn't get too excited because from time to time I would have tire-kickers and Domain Brokers email me and ask if I wanted to sell this domain. The offers were pathetic. I thought this was another one of those cases. But, after a few emails, I could see that this guy REALLY wanted to buy this domain name. So, I did what any good marketer would do, I helped him get what he wanted. Win-Win. But things dragged on for weeks because it's an intricate process when you use a Domain Broker. At one point I resigned myself to the fact that this deal was not going to close. Then about 3 weeks in, the broker finally emailed that the funds had cleared and they would be sending me a wire within 48 hours. Halleluyah! So the money hits my account and I'm thinking what am I gonna do with all this money?  I had a little battle with Cancer and as a result some of my teeth fell out. (gross, I know) So, I decided I was going to have some implant surgery done and get my great smile back. Believe it or not, even after having collected tens of thousands of dollars for the domain sale, I still did not have enough for all the dental work! So, I had a decision to make! What should I do now? Go to Vegas and roll the dice to have enough for the implant surgery? No. Go offshore and have the surgery done there? No. I decided to take a bigger risk...but, with a much greater psychic reward. I decided to go back into business and train people who live in the Caribbean how to make money Online. Why the Caribbean? This is my Plan for the Caribbean: I have 99 websites so far. Most start with "BestOf" and then the island. I have all of them covered. Now, I need some help in building these schools and recruiting the teachers who know Online Marketing. You should join this cause because it will make a huge difference in a lot of people's lives. Plus it's the Caribbean. You are going to have the fun and adventure of your life! You might even make some money on top of it!
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When you have 20 plus years experience in any field, you just know when something is valuable. But, 20 plus years of Online marketing experience is invaluable. Who do you personally know with 20 years of Online marketing experience? I'll tell you who. Nobody.

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