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12-7 Badassery in my “Outer Office.”

"Coach" Armstrong

My name is Mark Armstrong

I wrote the book on Badassery. Now, I've expanded it into a Cloud based Multi-Media Course you can Read, Watch, or Listen to at anytime from anywhere. New lessons added frequently to keep your Badassery Fresh.

Partners Wanted for a Caribbean Adventure

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BADASSERY Taught Here.

Mark j Armstrong's Business plan
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Learn the art of Baddassery
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How Much Is The Complete BADASSERY Course?

If you have to ask the price for my 1 to 1 GrowthHacking Coaching , it's probably too much for you.

No worries, though, you can buy my Complete, Updated How to Use BADASSERY online course and get Support for 30 days, for only $395. T

1+ 954-778-5137 and we'll send You the 1ST Lessons in the Course.

Or, if you're lucky enough to be Living in/Visiting #SouthFlorida 🙂 ...
-You can meet me @ #AnyStarbucks for a FREE Interactive Lesson.

Here's a list of SouthFlorida #StarBucks Locations.

When you arrive just order 2 #TripleVente #Cappaccinos. 1 for me. 1 for you.

And, while we sip our drinks, I'll set you up with more leads than you can handle the next day. How Much will this cost you? 2 Cappuccinos, about$10.

No charge for your first batch of leads from

If you like the action my #GrowthHacking BADASSERY creates for you, we can talk later about a Regular Ongoing Relationship (My Time Permitting) 

Get Priority Service and book My Sessions Now, before your Competition does.

1+954-778-5137 to get relief from the stress of having No Good Leads, a Mediocre Pitch, and Lousy Closing Techniques.

That's what I'm For! So, Use Me or Lose Me. Up to you! 

Learn the art of Baddassery
  • Get a Complete BADASSERY Lifestyle makeover in 24 hours!
  • Become the person you were meant to be.
  • Become a lead Magnet
  • Attract Members of the Opposite Sex, or #WhateverYourSpeed.
  • Elevate yourself to the top.
  • Elite 1 to 1 training now available.  
  • 24 hrs in person. 30 day followup.

To schedule:

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#FLINTwaterBOYs --VS-- The #TrumpPATRIOTS


Trump takes just 13 seconds to wipe out Michael Moore-

#NOTaBadASS #MichaelMoore

Michael Moore Threatens #MiilionWomanMarch coming soon... He'd be lucky to get 1 woman to show. He must have had one hell of a fantasy dream to think he could get 1 million. The effects of the Clinton Koolade on the brain manifest themselfes in many ways.

I met this #BadAss New Yorker Singer, GEM aka Krissy Morrow in a #Starbucks in Lighthouse, point,Fl. I filmed the encounter and will put the vids next update. This is a case study in #GrowthHacking leveraged with the Badassery of the 3 people. Magic happens when you're in the #FLOW. How do you get in the FLOW? #FOCUS. You Gotta FOCUS...or it's all Hocus-Pocus.

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#EpicBadassery -vs- #EpicFAIL! What do YOU say?

#Badass #MOFO #SugarDaddies. #REALNegotiators#RememberWACO

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EARN Real Money-SPEND Quality Time

Mark j Armstrong @TheBeach

MARK j ARMSTRONG spending some quality time…


Passion is primary consideration in all you do

              Have a Passion for your career, or get a new one.

  1. Passion is something only you can decide on.

  2. Only you know what makes your juices flow or gets your dick hard.

  3. I can help you make the right career decision, once you decide the answer to #2 above.

    Contact me if you need some free advice.
    [email protected]


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Why and How I Acquired 100 Domains

"Coach" Armstrong

Mark J Armstrong “The Entrepreneur Coach”

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

  • Keep that in mind as you read about why I registered 100 domain names after coming back from a 4 year retirement.
  • How my idea and business plan are shaping up.
  • Why I am doing this and how you, too can participate in a cool project.

    I have all of the Best Of the Caribbean covered as you’ll see below. Click on the list and see for yourself if I’m A Fool or is this Cool?

Mark J Armstrong domains

My List of Domains



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