17 Days Into 2016

Are you 17 days ahead or 17 days Behind?

Sales brings Money. Money covers many mistakes.Here we are. 17 days into a new year. 17 days to work on your New Year’s resolution. 17 days to get closer to your goals and your dreams.

How is that working for you?

  • Are you taking some time and some steps each and every day to achieve your dream?

  • Or are you just drifting day to day?

  • Not sure of what to really do next?You have wanted to be your own boss for as long as you can remember. It’s in your gut.

  • But how?

  • What business?

  • How much money does it take?

Do you know what do next?
What’s Holding You Back?

Maybe you need some guidance. Someone you can talk to who gets where you’re coming from.  But who?

You have  no one in your family that understands how businesses work today. No one you know that has heard that UBER, an APP company that doesn’t own cars, recently drove their 1 Billionth passenger. That’s 1 Billion, with a “B!” It’s an APP! UBER is only an APP!

Or, maybe you’re stuck in a dead end job and your boss is a real asshole that disrespects you.

Maybe you’re stuck with that jerk and you have to swallow your pride and have to take his crap because you’re trapped.

  • You’ve  got a mortgage or rent due each month without fail.

  • Maybe you have car payments?

  • Credit card debt?

  • Student loans.

  • Maybe you are caring for a family or a loved one that has huge medical bills?

  • …yada yada- the list goes on

Listen, I know how these things add up.

You can’t leave your job today because you’re stuck in the rat race. As the weeks pass by and turn into months and years you become more and more stuck because the bills keep piling up. You’re stuck in a catch-22 situation! You can’t leave, and each day you get one day older and life starts to pass you by.

How do you get “unstuck?”

One way people in your situation get “unstuck” is to find a kindred spirit. A coach. Someone they can talk to. Someone who used to have the same anxieties you have right now about firing their boss and starting a business.  Someone who’s been there and done that. Someone like me.

Mark J Armstrong
Mark J Armstrong

I am experienced entrepreneur and have owned and sold several different types of businesses in my time. Mail Order, Direct Sales on TV, Retail, including Dry Cleaners. I even owned and sold a telephone dating company.

I’m also an online expert. I calculated at one point that I had logged over 100,000 hours online. I have bought and sold hundreds of domain names and built these sites myself. I have never met ANYONE that even comes close to the experience and training I have absorbed in my 25 years of  experience.

That’s why I’m qualified to be an Entrepreneur Coach. I have lived and breathed my own business for most of my life.

I am living proof that your dreams can come true for you, because they did for me. I know the formula of how you can escape the life you have now for that lifestyle you always fantasize about.

My passion is teaching people just starting out. We can start little by little or as fast as you can absorb the methods I’ll teach you and take action.

No worries. Tomorrow I’ll give you a roadmap and a timetable and you’re gonna like what you see and hear. Especially, if you are a total Newbie to all of this.

Oh, and you may have noticed, I haven’t once asked for your name or email address yet, have I. You see, I’m more interested in YOU and in helping YOU than I am in adding you to my mailing list. You can join my list later. After, you think it will give you some value.  I already know it will, so I’m in no rush.

Stop back tomorrow for what you need to know about Marketing in 2016 and how you can go from Gofer  to Boss in 7 days.