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Brainstorm Wednesday…

Mark J. Armstrong has good marketing ideas

Here are some ideas you can bounce around if you are looking to create your own product. I hope you find some inspiration and share with me anything interesting you develop.

I have 100 in all. Today, I’ll share the first 10.

1) You could create and/or use spreadsheets software, dental/vision applications and/or contact form blog/web site plug ins/scripts. They can improve your sales.


2) You might make and/or operate presentation software, diet/nutrition applications and/or SEO optimization blog/web site plugins/scripts. They may better your assets.


3) You can generate and/or apply game software, education/college applications and/or site map blog/web site plugins/scripts. They might shape up your productivity.


4) You may produce and/or buy programming software, science applications and/or photo galley blog/web site plugins/scripts. They could upgrade your deposits.


5) You could program and/or download shareware software, energy applications and/or slide show blog/web site plugins/scripts. They can enhance your business.


6) You might design and/or invest in freeware software, entertainment applications and/or widget blog/web site plug ins/scripts. They may accelerate your knowledge.


7) You can construct and/or exploit storage/backup software, environment applications and/or stats blog/web site plug ins/scripts. They might add to your riches.


8) You may assemble and/or take advantage of data defragmenter software, exotic/adult applications and/or social networking blog/web site plugins/scripts. They could attract your dreams.


9) You could compose and/or purchase data compression software, fashion applications and/or twitter blog/web site plugins/scripts. They can rejuvenate your cash flow.


10) You might invent and/or benefit from tax software, dad/mom applications and/or facebook blog/website plug ins/scripts. They may bolster your income.

Tomorrow, I’ll have more. See you then. Am going to focus now on building out the Membership Page for the #Hackathon HAVANA #2 . I am using this script I just bought.

I’ll let you know if it’s any good. Everything I buy (and what you can from this website:) comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. I have cancelled some products that did not work as advertised and always received a prompt and full refund from JVzoo. So no worries, if you want to try out any of my recommended products.

And, remember…My commissions are dedicated to our Caribbean efforts to bring opportunity to the people left behind and forgotten in the world economy. So, by clicking a link anywhere on my any websites, you will be helping a good cause. That good Karma will be returned to you. I promise. I know, because it has for me!

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