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It's easier than ever to start a business today. Here's just three reasons why:

You know why it’s easier than ever to start a business today? 

There’s never been a better time to start a business. The future is for the Entrepreneur. 

The days of working for 1 company for 20 years are over. The world was built for the Entrepreneur.

The tools available today at anyone’s fingertips, with no investment & no training have mass potential, unlike any time in history. 

These are truly fascinating times & there is vast potential for anyone starting out today. 

The downside is that millions of people also have the same potential and compete with you. That’s why you have to have a system and you have to move fast. 


Where are you going to be in one year, two years, ten years from now? 

If we met in three years, would you be living your dream life? Will your life be substantially better? 

If we met three years from now, would you have more time and means than ever before to enjoy the things you truly love and value? 

So, you have got to start building that business now that builds that path for you and your family.

 I’ll give you three reasons:

1. Over 16 million people will attend college this year in the U.S. and more than 60% will graduate with debt. That’s 16 million people you won’t need to compete within the workforce.

2. Netflix has over 104 million paid subscribers. Each individual subscriber spent 1,000 hours watching Netflix on average. That number is only increasing. That’s, at least, another 16 million people you can easily outwork.

3. Video games. Today, 155 million Americans regularly play video games. U.S. gamers spend almost twice as much time playing video games as in 2013. And again, this number is only increasing across almost every country.

While everyone is turning into a consumer, ask yourself:

"What can I create?"

Here's a free book that will help you find your niche

how to find your niche

You either have a lot of ideas. Or, you have none. 

Either way, I’d like to help you figure it out. 

If you take the time you currently spend on Netflix, Video Games, TV & Social Media (Facebook etc) and devote just 1/2 that time to your own business, I promise you the odds that you can succeed are better than ever in history. 

Meet Dan Martell, one of my coaches. He has some ideas to help figure this out. Watch now, or come back when you have 11 minutes.


So, what are your thoughts? 

I’d love to hear your ideas on all of this. Leave me your comment below. 


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I’m working on something new this week. I believe in working out and staying in shape, especially for old guys, like me 🙂 So, I created FitnessHacks.co where I will be giving fitness tips and selling Fitness Products. Stop by and download some free Fitness Tips.