Mark J Armstrong

Hi there, I’m Mark Armstrong. I'm a #GrowthHacker for Bosses and Entrepreneurs that want to use some #Badassery to bring in new customers, instead of more ad spend.

I'm just here to share my knowledge with new Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want someone they can count on for solid marketing tips & advice. I'm going to use this blog to help some people achieve their goals. Maybe you will be one of those?

One thing I have learned from over 40+ years of marketing is you've got to keep your skills relevant. I am constantly learning and keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest techniques for making sales. That's why at 62 years of age I can still relate to and market to a 20 year old.

I am back after a 4 year, totally off the grid retirement. (not even a smart phone or email)

Here's why and how I did this, if you care to know.


More Customers.

Sales brings Money. Money covers many mistakes.That's all that really matters. As long as sales are coming in and growing, you can afford to make a lot of mistakes in your business and still be in good shape. You can buy yourself time with cash flow and tweak what needs fixing.

I'm going to show you new, inexpensive techniques that you can grow your customer list without spending heavily on advertising.

Over the years, I have spent/invested a fortune on training and tools. These days no one has to spend a fortune anymore to make their fortune. Starting a business today is so inexpensive compared with when I started it's not even funny.

Let me give you just a few examples of what I mean and why you are so lucky to be starting out today vs just a few years ago.

I'm passionate about helping up and comers starting out. I also enjoy coaching seasoned Entrepreneurs who don't have time to keep up with all the latest software tools for automating their business.

A little more about me:
I have owned and sold several different businesses in my career. Everything from Mail-Order. Retail, Infomercials on TV. Direct selling Companies. Drycleaners. Online Stores.  Telephone Dating Businesses. (which I am bringing back)

Over the course of 20+ years Online, I have built and owned hundreds of websites. Some I have sold for huge profits. Some I just closed down.

I am back after a 4 year, off the grid retirement after receiving an email which I will share with you here.

BOOM! This one email brought me back into the Online Arena after 4 blissful years of retirement in sunny, South Florida.

Hanging out at the beach. The Cafes. The Hot Spots in our sunshine paradise.

Oh, I also read a lot of books-hundreds of them thanks to the Broward County Library.

I also worked out almost each day. Most people don't believe I'm already collecting Social Security. Haha!Armstrong Fitness

I'm in tip top shape and just returned from Havana, Cuba.

You know what I did in Havana? I held a Hackathon. Yeh, a 62 year old US Citizen travelled to Cuba and held a 48 hour Hackathon. The "Hackathon in Havana. HaHa (pun intended) Don't know what a HAckathon in HAvana is? (there's that HA HA again)  Check this page later.  Maybe you can meet me in Havana next time? HA- That would be cool, right?

Havana Hackaton

I made a huge mistake at the Havana Hackathon. One that was really dumb in looking back.

I'll tell you about this tomorrow. You'll also learn how you can take advantage of my boner and grab an awesome tool for pennies on the dollar.

I came back to business for just one reason.

To share my knowledge of  Business Marketing & Strategies for Success with Business Owners & struggling Newbie Entrepreneurs.

I want to bring my know-how and experience to the people who need it most. Newbie Entrepreneurs & to ambitious people living in the Caribbean. I also want to coach those who want to own a business but don't know how to get started.

I saw a lot of bad advice being given out by so called "Gurus".  And, I will be calling out these "False PROFITS" (pun intended) on this Blog.

I 'm passionate about  sharing my knowledge with motivated people who need a guide to steer them right.  A Coach to help them weave their way to success.

Hey, speaking about  coaches, I just launched another new site. My New Go there next right after you leave here. It's important. You've got to take care of yourself.  I'm here not just to help strengthen your lead and sales strategies, but your body, too. That's why I created My New

My New has hundreds of videos there that you can follow along right from your PC while you're working. Take a break every 15-20 minutes or so from your work, and do a quick 2 minute routine. You won't believe how much this will help you not only to keep in shape, but your work will actually be more productive. Seriously. Try this!

Try out My New for a few days and you'll see. Oh, and it's Free on top of all that.

There is not one "Guru" who teaches this and it's the MOST important thing you can do to live a longer, better and more productive & profitable life.

Stop back tomorrow and watch LIVE as I transform this plain Jane web page into an awesome video sales letter. Remember there is ONLY 1 word to remember for 2017 Marketing Kickassery- V I D E O!