Americans Invading Cuba

 Actors, Entertainers & Tourists are touring Cuba and leading the charge to a new era in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Americans Invading Cuba

Since restrictions on travel to Cuba were eased in mid-January, travel agents say interest and bookings have shot up. Americans are saying there are already too many Americans visiting the island and spoiling the experience for themselves.

Having led #Hackathon Havana back in September, I can tell you they are not exaggerating. The photo above is proof of some of what I saw.

Having lived through the entire 50 year plus embargo of Cuba, let me tell you it was awesome to visit! The vibe in Havana is nothing like you have ever felt. An energy that mesmerizes you and a People that are cool and “chillin” while they hustle for your US dollars.

#Hackathon Havana #2 Feb 14-16

#Hackathon Havana #2 runs Feb 14-16. If you have never been to Cuba-You should go! Write off your trip as a business expense. Obama has lifted all travel restrictions on anyone in the Internet/telecom industry. So, no worries. (you still need a passport) What’s that you say? You’re not in the Internet or Telecom Industries? If you go to Cuba and log in EVEN ONCE to the Official #Hackathon Havana website…You have PROOF of your involvement in those industries. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Contact me if you need flight, hotel and/or any other info about Cuba. I have excellent connections.

Armstrong FitnessFeb 14th is also Valentine’s Day. Man, what a way to romance your honey! A weekend in Cuba! Your friends will be amazed and want you to bring them back that fine, Cuban Rum & Cigars. Warning: Rum is cheap and “The BEST.” Cigars-mucho dinero… expensive.

Imagine getting laid in a place that has been “off limits” for 1/2 a century. A REAL Garden of Eden. A weekend you will remember for the rest of your life.

Single? Flying Solo? No worries, you will make new friends everywhere you go. I’ll make your introductions to people I know there.

I will be staying in Florida for this #Hackathon Havana #2 and coordinating all activity from my Home HQ in Deerfield Beach. Learned my lesson from #Hackathon Havana #1. No good connections as far as WI-FI (Cubans call it WEE-FEE) -what a joke “WEE-FEE”.. get it? It’s not “Wee” at all. Imagine paying 10% of your monthly earnings for JUST 1 HOUR of Internet time. It’s REALLY Outrageously expensive for the average Cuban to work on line-prohibitive.

Anyway, that’s why #Hackathon #2 is being commanded from off island this time.

If you live close by, you can stop in and participate with me from here. Bring your bathing suit. I have a heated pool and all we’ll need to Work Hard-Play Hard!    Why am I doing this? Read more here.



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