No more fear

You Have Nothing to Fear Anymore

I’ll tell you what I did as a result of this video when you finish watching it.  But ONLY to those that send me an email requesting the URL. I promise you, if you “got” the message from Bob Proctor

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I Hate Blogging

I don’t really hate blogging… I really, really, really hate blogging… Here’s Just One Reason Who cares what I write? There are hundreds of millions of  Bloggers out there. What makes MY Blog Special?  Until now, nothing much. I’ve just

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Friday the 13th

Is Friday the 13th Really Unlucky?

Mark Armstrong’s Lucky Beach Weekend starts Friday the 13th! Is the number “13”, especially Friday the 13th really “Unlucky” for you? Or, is it like most of history that we were taught, just the opposite? Maybe “13” is really the

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