My "Retirement" GOT "HACKED!"

That's right. Hacked!

Mark j Armstrong @TheBeach

Hey, I'm Mark Armstrong. This is My BLOG.

After a lifetime of Entrepreneurial pursuits,I took a four year, off the grid retirement, enjoying sunny, South Florida.

I didn't even have a smartphone, for 4 years. (could YOU Stand to be without YOUR PHONE for EVEN 4 HOURS/Minutes?) Yeah, Sure. hahaha

Billions of people are addicted to that powerful toy in your hand. Starting companies & selling things has never been easier or more profitable.

You see, I hacked my own retirement to come back and give people like you, my experience as your Mentor. 

Your Life & Business Coach.

Crazy, right?

Well, not according to Gary Vee. He lays it all out in the video below. Check it out!

What about you? Can I help you figure anything out?

  • Stuck in a dead end job & want to start a side gig?
  • Hate your business & want to sell it & move on to another?
  • Need to grow your business but everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked?

    Talk To Me About It.

Deerfield Beach Pier
My Current Home Base

Retirement was getting boring. You can only golf & hang out at beach bars so much.

I did read hundreds of books from the good old Broward County Library.

I pre ordered all the best books about startup companies & entrepreneurs & got a serious itch to get back into business. 

Then, I heard some of Gary Vee’s motivational talks and saw some of his videos.

And, BOOM! Just like that, I’m all in again!

In this clip, Gary talks about old people like me, having the edge on the Millennial punks. haha. You know what it is in one word?

“Experience.” We’ve got experience.

Why I'll Never Retire Again

Partners Wanted for a Caribbean Adventure

If you’re retired, but still have some gas left in your tank, fire up your land line rotary dial phone & give me a call.

If you are my typical follower of male, 25-34, you need to hear this, too.

I have a badass adventure that you’re going to want to be a part of for  with me & a small crew of other old (and young) badasses.

Caribbean Map
Opportunities to Partner With Me. Please Share with your Buddies

Mark Armstrong

Angel Investor

I’m Mark Armstrong and today I’m here to share my knowledge with you about Growth Hacking & Fitness Hacks & the latest tools to help increase your productivity.

You can relax and put your wallet away, I’m not here to hard sell you anything. 

Over the past 24 years I have invested in Online start-up companies where I took a hands on approach in the development & marketing of these businesses. 

Being an Entrepreneur in 2018 is EASY…but it’s not. That’s why I’m here. I want your business to catch the wind & find smooth sailing. 

If it get’s a little rough, I’ll be here to help you steer through the eventual storms that hit hard.

And, if you have a need for more of a personal touch, specialized assistance, I’ve opened up my calendar for just a few more special clients. Visit

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