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We're All F'n Addicts

We’re All Addicted. We all got it bad. Oh, yeh…

You ask, “What addiction”? That one right in the palm of your hand. Your phone.

Click the pic.

Go ahead. That’s you. That’s all of us. 

I was trying to articulate the problem of our “Content Addiction” in a nuanced way. 

I’m trying to relate this problem to people who don’t realize that they have a problem. Just like drunks and coke addicts don’t have a problem. They can “Handle it.” They say they can “quit anytime.” Well, I call BS on that.


You CAN’t quit. You are an Addict. Admit it and face the fact. You can’t live without your phone.  They made it work that way on us. The content they feed us in every corner of the world, FROM very corner of the world has hooked us. Oh. yeh. We love that little dopamine rush that we are getting & that’s why the addiction. It feels too good to stop.

The only good news for you is you are NOT alone in your addiction. 


I had an old Gloria Estefan song from the 80s playing in my head. “Rythym is Gonna Get You”.

So, instead of fear mongering & guilt tripping people to believe in this addiction, I thought I’d use this tune to highlight just how pervasive & disruptive that little device in your hand really is. 

In the below lyrics, replace Gloria’s word “Rythym” for “Content.”

Go ahead, read her lyrics. But, to get the full impact of what I’m saying, play the song.

Content Is Gonna Get You

Replace the word “Rythym” for “Content.”

At night when you turn off all the lights
There’s no place that you can hide
No no, the rhythm is gonna get’cha
In bed, throw the covers on your head
You pretend like you are dead
But I know it, the rhythm is gonna gey’cha
Rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is gonna get you
The rhythm is gonna get you tonight
No way, you can fight it every day
But no matter what you say
You know it the rhythm is gonna get’cha
No clue, of what’s happening to you
And before this night is through
Ooh baby the rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is gonna get you
The rhythm is gonna get you tonight
Rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is gonna get’cha
Rhythm is…

Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine 1987-Produced in 1987

Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme Song...

Scary, when you think of it, isn’t it? This song was produced in 1987.  31 years ago. I remember it very clearly like it was yesterday.

I’ll tell you my connection later. But, this post isn’t about me, it’s about all of us. I’ll let you in on my connection to this song at the end.

“Content is gonna get you, Content is gonna get you, Content is gonna get you, tonite & every day & nite.”

The year this song was released a mobile phone cost $1,300. ($2,600 in today’s dollars)

That was bad enough. remember, this phone ONLY made phone calls, and only in some areas.

Per minute price was 45 cents/min PLUS long distance of 25 cents/min for LD calls on top of a monthly fee of $45 which included NO minutes.

PLUS 25 cents/min long distance for both incoming and outgoing calls.

The monthly bills came in many pages & added up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.

Cellphones were only for those who had a true business use and a company willing to foot the bill.

They were quite the status symbol. 

Remember, this was before the Internet caught on outside of research labs and was only for TALK.

No Texting. No Photos. No Maps. No Videos. No Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, INSTA, SNAP. NONE of it. Just talk and a lot of dropped calls.

Isn’t it ironic that nowadays, we use “talk” less than any other feature on our phones

Cellphone from 1987
1987 Nokia Cell Phone
Glass 1/2 full

By now, you may be thinking, “OMG this Armstrong guy sounds like a REALLY Negative Dude”. And, you would be dead wrong to think that.

I’ve ALWAYS been a positive guy. I always look at the glass as more than 1/2 full, instead of less than 1/2 empty.

If you want negativity. just look around. If you’re all alone and no drama queens, attention seekers, or narcissists are present, switch on any news station. You’ll get all the negativity you’ll need to enslave your mind & stop you from reaching your full potential.

The fact is it’s EASY to be in a negative mindset in today’s world. I’m trying to help you see that AND take advantage of the situation.  

Take advantage of content or it will take advantage of you

What does this mean? 

It means we are living in an unprecedented time in history. The Golden Age of the Entrepreneur. 

It’s never been easier to start a business, launch a new product, deliver & collect money from customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ve got to learn how to create content and get it in front of as many people that are the “right fit” for your offer as possible.

Now, you’ll be “taking advantage of the Content”. 

Things you need to implement today to improve your Life.

BEFORE you log on for the day, decide What message you want to give to your Tribe, Followers or whatever word you use to describe your best Customers & Fans.

FaceBook Friends & Group Members, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Connections, BLOG, & Your Mailing List(s), what is the signal you’re sending out today?

Do This First Thing. BEFORE looking at anyone else’s content. Post your Content 1ST. 

That is the “Secret” to winning this game. Promote your Content, before reading any other stuff.

Here are a few more “secrets” you should know & follow to win.

Always invest in YOU:

• Read
• Set new goals
• Level-up relationships
• Re-invent yourself
• Learn new skills
• Travel
• Maintain good character
• Visualize desired outcomes
• Stay healthy
• Always get better

Increase your VALUE and you’ll always be in demand.

Follow the 10-10-80 rule.

  • 10% of people are extremely negative
    10% are extremely positive
  • 80% are normal (unless you step out of your comfort level, and post thoughts & ideas that some people may find “controversial”) Hey, @KanyeWest. I’m talking to you! Keep preaching “Love.” 

Attract. Engage. Sell.

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And, as I promised you I would tell you about my connection to Gloria Estefan's Song, "Rythym is Gonna Get You"

So, I was living in the Suburbs of Chicago and one day, I hear this song on the radio. It was nothing like I heard before.

It was Gloria Estefan’s Conga. I caught the beat on this song at the time. I never really listened to the Latin music, but it got to me. I was hearing it play everywhere & I decided to pick up the cassette tape. (these were pre CD days of the late 80s) I played it over and over as the snow rained down harder & deeper.

Her song inspired me & got to me. I started getting this irresistible urge to move to Miami. (her group was called the “Miami Sound Machine”. I sold the house & I danced the Conga all the way down to Miami.

I remember those cold winter Friday nights tuning into NBC to catch that week’s “Miami Vice” Episode. 

Man, I got bit so bad by the Miami bug I had to move. 

So, I did. 

When you put your mind to something you can do anything.

So, put your mindset on “Content Creation” and start taking advantage of the systems and “Network Effects”  in place to help you succeed.

If you ever want to move / work in Miami, let me know. I’ll show you around. 

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon was quoted today about what I know is a true Life 101 Lesson. Long story short, the worst thing that you can ever do in life is feel regret. Not about all the mistakes you made, but all the chances you never took. 

Here’s his take on it. (if the link is still good)  

And, Wouldn't You Know It?

As I was finishing up this story, here comes Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias with a new tune that’s catching on BIG Time, “Move to Miami.” Already with millions of views the first week, before the official video is even released.

The headlines from the Miami Herald, 

“Miami’s women are so fine they’ll make a man relocate, say Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias”.


Here comes this generation’s  “Movin’ to Miami People”, also drawn to the “Magic City” by a song.