Colombian Adventures

I opened the first Internet Cafe in Colombia. (I love being first-If you’re not First-You’re last.) In the Digital world of today you’re either a 1, or you’re a big fat fucking zero. Which do you want to be? You want to be First or do you want to be out of business?

That’s right, I opened the 1st Internet Cafe in Colombia I think it was 1996. It debuted at the Corferias Convention Center, located ¬†in Bogota, Colombia, during a¬†Technology Conference & Exposition.

My friends were like, “Are you crazy? Colombia? You want to get yourself murdered or kidnapped?” Pablo Escobar was still alive and reigning his terror on the whole country)

I’m glad I went to Colombia, because I fell in love with the land, the culture, music, food and the people. Colombia was nothing like the news media in the US portrayed it to be. The only danger of going to Colombia, is you won’t want to leave! It’s true! haha Go see for yourself!

Best Of Colombia