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Mark J Armstrong, "The Entrepreneur Coach"
“The Entrepreneur Coach”

I’m Mark j Armstrong, “The Entrepreneur’s Coach. (why the small j?) Google rankings, that’s why.

  • There are over 93 million Mark Armstrong listings on Google. I’m in there somewhere…
  • There are over 63 million listings for Mark j Armstrong.
  • I’m on top of the first page of Google because of the small j. So, the small “j” in Mark j Armstrong is Really “JIGANTIC” haha.

I have learned a lot of tricks like this in over 20+ years of Online Marketing. Tips and Hacks and Shortcuts. I want to share these strategies with you.  Just 1 tip you’ll receive could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Taking Action is the Single Most Important thing you can do to increase your earnings and give you more free time. So, I’ve created a blueprint that also automates most of the things you’ll learn from me.

So, now that we’ve met, take an easy action now and join my list.


We live in a digital world of clicks. 1s and 0s. This link or that link. That hot Buyer either finds YOU first and spends at YOUR business or he’s gone to your competition. It really is as simple as that.

If you don’t buy that, stop reading now.

Ok, So What can I do for you? I Coach you on using automated tools to Deliver More Sales, More Customers & More Profits. 

Why do you need me? You don’t. You could do this yourself, if you knew how.

But, let me ask you a question.  Do you dominate your niche in your area? Why not? I can look over your marketing funnel and suggest some better alternatives that will make you more money.

I work completely confidentially. I don’t publish my Client lists or disclose your “Secret Sauce”.

Some bosses have spent 5 and 6 figures on digital and gotten little or no return. Some have had their business “held hostage” by their tech guys.

* Web Developers
* Graphics Designers
* Social Media Specialists
* Search Experts
* Mobile Marketing Specialists
* …and more.

If this has happened to you, No worries. We’ll get that fixed fast and move it up a notch.Don’t lose time & money depending on the wrong people.

How do I Coach?
Each business and situation is different, of course. Our relationship would work something like this:

  • You’re the Boss. Like the “Quarterback” on the field.
  • I am like the “Coach” on the sidelines calling the plays.
  • I draw up the “Gameplan”. (adjustments to your Marketing Funnel)
  • You implement “the Game Plan”.
  • Boom! You start scoring more “Touchdowns” -aka- get more customers.
  • I observe the progress you’re making and make adjustments to “the Game Plan” accordingly.
  • In addition to being the “Quarterback” you are also the “Owner of the Team.”
  • You decide how long you want to continue with “my playbook”, or when to “call an audible” and do it yourself (you’re not “locked-in” to any long term agreement.)
  • I check in regularly to gauge your progress and give you the latest tools so you can remain #1 “in your Division”.

In football & in business, it’s easy to spot the winners. They’re the ones that make quick, sound decisions and follow a winning game plan.

So Boss, if you’re motivated and you want to have a winning season, I want the opportunity to coach your team.

Here’s how to reach me:
E-Mail: [email protected] Tel: 954.778.5137

Let’s “Play Ball!”