In the real world, follow this advice…

So, what happens if you’re out by yourself one night. 

  • Are your earbuds in? 
  • Is your phone in your hand? 
  • Are you wearing expensive shoes or carrying anything of value? 

Discriminate. Profile. Be fucking prejudiced.

Why? Who’s more likely to rob you? 

A: The old Asian man with a cane or, 

B: black dude wearing a hoodie and his boxers puffed up out of his pants. 

You just profiled. 

Not based on racism, but based on an educated guess.

How does the predator find the prey? 

They profile to find the species that’s least likely to fight back and most likely to bleed results. 

How does the prey stay alive? 

Profiling every possible threat they see as a predator.

Be hyper aware of your surroundings and the people in them, and profile every. fucking. one. of. them.

Don’t look hyper aware though.

Practice using your peripherals.

Try to read things without looking directly at them.

Learn to soak in details without darting your eyes around and making eye contact with everything you possibly can.

You don’t want to look shut down and in your own world, but you don’t want to lock eyes and stare at a drug deal going on if you so happen to stroll by one.

Staying vigilant using your peripherals lets you be aware of what’s going on without setting off the “Hey, that guy saw us” flag.

Lastly, never ever, ever, ever walk alone in an unfamiliar area.

This should be a no-brainer but it’s such a common mistake.

There’s places in every populated area where locals just know to not go.

If you’re moving somewhere new stick to high traffic areas.

Ask questions about the neighborhoods.
-Stay Safe…

In the Online world, follow this advice…
…especially if you get into a heated exchange involving politics or religion.

Street Smart

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