Focused On 2 Funnels For The Foreseeable Future

The 2 Funnels I'm Focused on for the foreseeable Future

Caribbean 1 million sqare miles.
A Lot of My Friends & Connections Are in Harm's Way. Half of my business territory is being affected
Mark J Armstrong
Draining Pool-Shutters Up-Calming down my 91 year old Mom - FPL says, "Millions to be without power for weeks."
Deerfield Beach Pier
My Current Home Base. The BEST Beach in South Florida.

Millions expected to be out of power after Hurricane Irma, FPL says

This Blog Is My Sandbox Where I Experiment With New Blogging & Content Creation Tools.

Up until now ... Most of my Blog has been experimental. It's not pretty.  But that is changing as I tweak my Blog using new tools. Just look at the amazing Elementor Page Builder. 

It's easy enough for newbies. ( I have taught the basics to 9-year-olds all the way up to my 91-year-old Mom! )

Professional WordPress Developers absolutely love Elementor due to all the advanced, easy to use features. There are more than 200,000 in the 1st year. Many are raving fans all over the Internet. 

I write every word here-It's Important For Our Relationship

Look at most succesful Online Entrepreneur's Blog.

When it's REALLY nice, REALLY Professional & REALLY Updated frequently, I know it's not REALLY his/her Blog. They use a VA- aka - Virtual Assistant to do a lot of their writing.

I try to be transparent & REAL.

After all, I am The Real Negotiator!

Right now, I'm making finally prep for #HurricaneIrma coming at us to destroy us.

Mark J Armstrong
I take "Branding Seriously"

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  1. If you need help in Deerfield Beach around Powerline Rd. I’ll try t o help or find you someone who can 954.778.5137

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