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Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset -vs- Growth Mindset

What's the Difference?

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

Growth Marketer/ Investor

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

I want to bring you some cold hard truth today. This will help you develop your Growth Mindset. Click the play button.


In my short 65 years on this earth…

I’ve had hundreds of ideas for great businesses.

But you know what?

The only time I’ve EVER succeeded with any of those ideas…

Is when I took ACTION.


Not every business I started has been a success. 

But I can guarantee you that every single business I didn’t start…

Has ALWAYS failed.

You see…

Ideas don’t make you money. Taking ACTION does.

Being around people who have a “Growth Mindset” will rub off on you and help you succeed. 

The opposite is also true…

Being around people with a Fixed Mindset will rub off on you and make it almost impossible to succeed. 

LIFE IS SHORT, so ... to Be Very HAPPY

  • BREAK rules
  • FORGIVE fast
  • KISS slowly
  • LOVE for real
  • Never REGRET Anything

Ideas don't make you money. Taking ACTION does.

The person who sleeps on a thousand great ideas will ALWAYS make way less money than the guy who consistently takes action.

That’s the truth.

So the question is…

How long have you been sitting on ideas and not taking any action?

And more importantly…

How long are you going to keep doing the same thing?

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