Friday the 13th
Mark Armstrong's Lucky Beach Weekend starts Friday the 13th!

Is the number "13", especially Friday the 13th really "Unlucky" for you?

Or, is it like most of history that we were taught, just the opposite?

Maybe “13” is really the lucky number and not “7”, as we were brought up to believe in the USA.

( “8” is lucky if you are part of the 20% of the world that is Chinese. “4” is Definitely Not!)

And, just like that, we already have a 20% discount on the history of lucky and unlucky numbers.

Lost on what I just said?

You don’t need to be an Einstein, or in this case, a Confucias not to be confused.


Hint: Chinese people comprise 20% of the Earth’s population. Their lucky number is “8” not “7”.

So, without even using Google yet I can already discount at least 20% of what I was taught of being lucky or unlucky. (Yes, I did say “Taught”…not “Learned.”)

I have “Learned” when it comes to “Tradition”, most of it was made up BS, by someone with an agenda.

Well, this has ALWAYS gone on since Adam & Eve. We just didn’t know it.

…Bottom line,

“If you have a REALLY “Lucky Friday the 13th Day” or “Unlucky Friday the 13th, it’s because you deserve it.

I want to make you a bet that if you are a “Glass 1/2 Full-Not Glass 1/2 empty” type person, your whole weekend is going to be awesome!


Because that’s just the way you are.

Every weekend for you is awesome.

You make sure of it!

You’re a “leader” not a “victim.”

…Tell Me All About your weekend on Monday. 

I can’t wait to hear what you were up to!,on the other hand, if you work around a bunch of “whiners” “complainers” & “nitpickers” etc, watch the shitty day these drama queens (you know the type) are going to have .

Haha, it’s almost too funny predicting who they’ll be blaming for their “bad luck” today. 

So, Fri-13ers…
Make sure you hang around positive, optimistic, happy people today if you want a “Good Luck, Friday 13th.

( I wouldn’t be playing any Eminem music, or watching any cable news, if you catch my drift. )

Sunday Football?

That’s a coin toss. (pun intended)

Saturday College Football? #FuckinA!!!

If you end up having the worst day of your life, aka, your “very last day”, no worries from me. I’ll understand why you won’t be back to my Blog ; 

This Blog is for #Street Smart Entrepreneurs.

I have yet to meet an Entrepreneur in my entire life who didn’t always see the glass as Half-Full.

How’s YOUR eyesight?
How’s your Mindset?