After Hurricane Irma & 9-11

Live life to the fullest

Enjoy. Explore. Discover. Deerfield Beach, FL

It's finally over. A terror ride on the winds of #HurricaneIrma.
( see photos)

Only 3 deaths were reported around the state. But, millions of people are being inconvenienced and are still without power.

We were very fortunate here in my neighborhood. No bad damage. No power shortages. Neighbors helping neighbors.

Now the clean-up begins. Fire up the chain saws!

Speaking of chain saws. I registered a domain name a while back

I'm glad I did. I'm launching a new business & its perfect timing.

I'm a Growth Hacker. A good Growth Hacker knows how to make the most of any opportunity by harnessing viral social networks.

Just look at any photos you see from Hurricane Irma. What do you see mainly? That's right. Downed trees and a lot of water. 

Yesterday was also 9-11.
Somehow, this tragic anniversary overshadowed by Irma. That's a real shame.

Blame the Media for stirring up the fear and anxiety. I talked about this yesterday. So check my take on this.

I have an interesting prospective on that day. I was in the Bogota, Colombia airport & had just gone through the passport check line. 

We watched the second plane hit while watching the TVs in the windows of the Duty Free shops.

I'll tell you more about this & my other Colombian adventures at Best Of