I don't really hate blogging...

I really, really, really hate blogging...

Here's Just One Reason

Too much competition

Who cares what I write?

There are hundreds of millions of  Bloggers out there.

What makes MY Blog Special? 

Until now, nothing much. I’ve just been reintroducing my self to you. I did “retire” for 4 years, after all.

But starting today, I want to share with you some “Growth Hacks” that you can immediately apply to help you make more money & save more time.

Here’s the first one-just in time for the holidays.

It’s called PayPal.me.

Set up your paypal.me link in seconds.

If you do-I'll enroll you for free in my $197 Growth Hacking Course.

That's Not a Typo-

I'll give you access to my New 10 day Growth Hacker Course that sells for $197 when the doors open up...for a $1 Pay Pal Me today.

No. Not Crazy. That's called Growth Marketing. You see, It's a test.

Crazy, right?



UPDATE 11/17 

Thanks for the Paypals! I hope you’re enjoying the Growth Hack Course.

New Growth Hack Pro 14 day course & software tools starts Next Saturday, Nov 25th. This is an advanced course & includes many new hacks & software tools.

Only $297′

We live in a Digital World. 1s & 0s. Ones & Zeros. 

If you don’t trust by now that you will learn some badass growth hacks from me, to me you’re a Zero.

On the other hand, your $1 PayPal me tells me you’re a #1 and somebody I want to help reach your full potential. 

You’re the type of person that sees the glass 1/2 full, instead of 1/2 empty. 

Glass 1/2 full

To be successful in anything in life, you must have that mindset. Positivity. If not, you will lose at everything, and no one wants you to lose. 

You may have a friend or 2 like this. You know what I mean. 

So, thanks in advance for the buck. See you in your email box the next 10 days.

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I’ve had enough of “Blogging” for one day. 

I’m off to the gym. Nothing is more important than your health. NOTHING! (Another major downside of Blogging) 

Look at most Bloggers. Would you say that most are obese or at least 20 lbs overweight? 

I already retired once & now I’m 64 years old and still hitting the gym most days.

There are much, much easier ways to thrive & stay alive without being required to be chained to a desk.

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