Confident Self Confidence

Ten Tips to Increase Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the most important key to success in any walk of life.

People with self-confidence are noticed more. They achieve their goals relatively easily.

In contrast, people who lack self-confidence often end up being losers.

You, too, need to build your self-confidence if you want to do well in life.

Here are ten tips that can help you get a Self-Confident Mindset.

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They know their personal worth, and always act in that capacity.

A good way to improve your personal worth is to keep a journal and make a list of your accomplishments each day.

You will be blown away by all the good things you perform every day in life, but which you don’t notice.

Once you start reviewing your journal, your self-confidence will flow out from all your pores and people you meet will pick up on this and know not to mess with you. You’re too confident. And, they’ll know you’re not just acting like a confident bad-ass … you really are one.

Give yourself a little reward every time you achieve a small goal.

It will boost you’re self-confidence, and give you the boost you need to achieve even bigger goals. ( and bigger rewards )

People who have done well for themselves, usually have a Big Brother /Coach / Mentor who has experienced some of the same problems / opportunities that you are facing today.

Speak to your Coach / Mentor as often as possible, and seek his advice and support as a regular habit.

You’ll learn something valuable every time you speak to your coach, and if you put his ideas into action, you could see 10X results in a short time.

Avoid people who are negative and critical of you. Such people erode your self-confidence. They make you look at your negative self, and not your positive self. After some time, you get enveloped in their cynical and negative world-view. Nothing can be more damaging than that. Dump such friends as soon as you can.  Same goes for family & significant others.

To achieve peace, you need to block off bad vibes, negative energy, unhappy people, arguments and bad friends. Live a drama free life & be happier.

No on ever achieved success being negative or unhappy. You must be grateful for every single, little thing in your life.

Make more quality friends, exercise, work hard, focus and then try to relax.

When you’re at peace with yourself, you tackle issues better and often times these issues and worries, they go away as suddenly as they came. POOF!

Take pleasure in wearing good clothes and being well groomed. It makes you feel good.

People will look at you differently. Remember that every human being wants to be found in the company of smart, intelligent, successful people.

You can soon be the center of attraction if you radiate a positive, smart look. It can very easily make the difference between success and failure.

Clothes DO make the man.

Learn from your mistake. Talk it over with your Coach / Mentor on how you would handle an identical situation in the future. Tell yourself that you will succeed the next time.

Never make the mistake of allowing your failures to overwhelm you.

They will force you into a shell, and destroy your self-confidence. A better way is to shrug your failures off as something inconsequential, no big deal, and take on a new challenge as soon as possible.

Of course, you must learn from your mistakes, and be realistic about your abilities.

A fit and healthy person is much more active, attractive and achieves more in his career.

Physical fitness, like self-confidence, glows on your face. It’s a good vibe that shines out from you attracting the people that you want to meet.

Meet and talk to a lot of people.

Don’t focus all your attention only on your work and only on your problems.

Divert your attention to new interests, new books, and new tasks. This will keep your mind happily occupied, and boost your self-confidence.

You may have excelled at things in the past and then given them up due to lack of time. Return to those activities again and see your self-confidence grow.

It will keep you occupied. It will also increase your self-confidence as you become more skilled in it.

Try to practice these tips as faithfully as you can, and see the difference in your life.

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Seize the Day,
Mark Armstrong
Your Street Smart Mindset Coach