You know, it’s not easy becoming street smart.

You’ve got to spend time on the streets.

That puts you in contact with tough characters, Drug dealers, Hustlers & Conmen.

Street smarts are learned when you want to avoid situations where shady people try to take advantage of you … 

… When Gang Bangers try to bully you, or when scammers try to con you out of your hard earned money.

People you meet on the streets are tough, they aren’t afraid of fights, and they’re not afraid of going to jail.

The advantage of being street smart is you learn how to read people.

Your gut instincts kick in when someone is trying to scam you or steal your wallet or take your girl.

You sense when someone is trying to take advantage of you.

You also learn how to communicate with different types of people, and you learn how how to use humor to stop a potentially bad situation.

You don’t get your street MBA without learning these things and more.

In business, in relationships, and in life, street smarts will carry you a long way.

Book smarts are important too but you pay for this with debt slavery.

College is expensive and unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you will be taking out loans that you will be paying off for 10 to 25 years after you graduate.

Street smart people become entrepreneurs right out of high school.

Instead of paying student loans for the next quarter century, they are free of that debt and able to afford a better lifestyle at an early age.

Travel & Freedom are a viable option.

However, if you have a chance to go to an Ivy League school-go for it! Yes, you’ll be saddled with a lot of debt for a lot of years, but the connections with the “right Kind” of people who attend class with you can provide a long lasting connection pipeline that can open many doors for you in your future.

If you decide not to attend college, it’s more important than ever that you read good books that will help you on your life’s journey.

Get a library card and Use It!

Get an Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Read books about Entrepreneurs, Technology and Biographies of successful people.

(Don’t read Fiction, Romance novels, or Political Gossip books.)

Read instead of Netflix. Read instead of Video Games.

Hit the gym instead of watching TV.

No Tuition payments equals freedom

Build your websites instead of going out drinking with your friends.

Use what you learn from the current book your’e reading and insert the lessons you learn into your business each day,

You’ll be amazed at the confidence and success you can achieve with this habit.

In business, in relationships, and in life, street smarts along with book smarts and a little experience will make you an unbeatable force.

Seize the Day,


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