New Year-New Direction

Mark Armstrong

Anyone can start a side business today. What with the low cost of technology and start up costs it makes sense for everyone to get some kind of side business going while still employed for “The Man.”

Mark J Armstrong
Mark J Armstrong

When I started out (just before the Netscape IPO-The defining moment for Internet Entrepreneurs)

  • Domain names cost $100. (each)
  • Hosting was astronomical and complicated.
  • Bandwidth was non existent. (we had 9600 Baud modems, believe it or not.)
  • My Tadpole notebook computer (the first Pentium 100 ever made) cost $7,900.  8 grand for a notebook computer! Can you believe that?
  • I purchased 2  Silicon Graphics computers and that set me back another $47,000.
  • Just to build 1 HTML page took a designer 3 whole days and cost $1,000. 1 friggin page!
  • And, forget about streaming video-IMPOSSIBLE at those prehistoric speeds. (speeds? LMAO)

You could equip an entire classroom for that these days.

So trust that when I say there has never, EVER been a better time to open a side Online business than now. You guys (and gals) are lucky MOFOs compared to us pioneers and what we had to go through.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift.