Can earn $500 - $3,000 per week

South Florida

Do you live in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County?

  • Are you looking for a better job? Maybe a Side Gig?
  • Want to start a lucrative & exciting career? 
  • Would you like to work your own hours near your home?  
  • Would you like to own your own business someday?
  1. You can earn $1,000 to $3,000 per week as a “Digital Marketer” or a “Photo Journalist.”
  2. This is some serious money. All while having the most fun you’ve probably had in any job before in your whole life.
  3. We walk into stores, restaurants & local businesses and ask the owner about his business, and why it’s the best of its particular niche in the area. 

If you live in South Florida I'll teach you how to make your local businesses beg to pay you $100 per hour in your spare time.

Sometimes, if the customers are around, we ask them what they like best about the place & if they would recommend it to their friends.

Why would a local business owner need this service? HERE'S WHY!

YouTube Ranking

That’s it!

This “job” can earn you $500 – $3,000 per week.

You can work your own schedule. And, you don’t even need a car to do this. You can take an UBER to the area you want to work that day if you’re “carless” at the moment. (sometimes this is even better-no parking worries).

It’s Easy to Qualify,

  • You must live in or relocate to the South Florida area
  • You must have a positive personality
  • A nice smile
  • A cameraphone or camera that shoots HD video
  • Be able to start no later than 2 weeks from now
  • No Experience or any special education needed.

What To Do Next?

  • Send a 20-30 second video of yourself telling us why you should get the job

  • Send your contact details. Name, Telephone Number & Email Address 
We'll contact you after reviewing your audition.
Don't Live In South Florida? Move for a few weeks & try it out. Get Trained & Go Back.