March is Here

March is Here
2 months are gone in 2016. Are you headed towards your goals, or are you falling behind?

I’m soaring ahead because I found some awesome Coaches and have been taking their advice. For example…Do any of these sound familiar to you?
“I started on Monday, and by Wednesday, I was making $300 per
day. Now I make millions, and you can too, when you buy my program.”

“I bought every software tool, book & every course on “Insider Secrets”, and finally, when
I was about to run out of money, I made millions. So buy my money-making course today.”

“All you need is my (pick one)

–Free e-course
–$27 ebook
–$197 script/software
–$29 per month membership site
–$497 conference call series
–$2997 mega-package

…and you’ll have all you’ll need to instantly start making a really huge income fast!”

If it’s SO simple & easy to make the big bucks online, why isn’t everybody banking $50,000-$100,000 every month, working from some tropical island?

Sure, it would be really cool if building a profitable business online was as easy as buying some software tools and some online marketing courses, but it’s not.

A training course or software program is only one PIECE of the Internet marketing puzzle.

It’s great to have, but IT’S NOT THE WHOLE PICTURE, and it’s certainly not everything you need to start raking in boatloads of cash tomorrow like some of them claim.

Think about it.

Why do you think other industries don’t advertise things the way we do in Internet marketing?

Think of the headlines:

“This $47 eBook is All You Need to Build an Entire House From Scratch.”
“And when you order by midnight tonight, we’ll even send you a video that
details how to build your home, all by yourself, in 21 days or less,
even if you’ve never held a hammer before in your life!”

Yeah, RIGHT!

“How to Be a Jumbo Jet Pilot in 30 Days”
“Everything you need is in our massive 10 pound info package shipped straight to your door.
Forget about taking hundred of hours of flight lessons from someone who actually knows what they’re doing… Take our course from the comfort of your couch, and you’ll be ready to make $10,000 per day piloting the biggest jets all over the world!”

“Be The Son Your Mother Always Wanted!”
“In 12 information packed conference calls, we’ll not only teach you how to do brain surgery,
we’ll even teach you how to have customers lining up around your block,
cracking open their own wallets and skulls to get your services.”
Uh-huh. Sure. Right.

The fact is… almost any job you can think of that takes any kind of specialized knowledge, be it hairdresser or corporate CEO, needs two kinds of training…

…book training and on the job training.

No hair dresser ever became good at her trade without cutting hair.

No CEO worth his salt went straight from reading books to the top office.

Yet day in and day out, this is EXACTLY what Internet marketers have been telling you.

All you have to do is buy this book, course, software or whatever, and then you’re ready.

No experience needed.

No help offered.

“Thanks for buying my product, now you are on your own. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.”
Even a letter carrier, the person who delivers the mail, rides with someone to learn the route. Now really, how hard is it to get all the mail into all the right mailboxes?

But even they get on the job training…

Contractors take courses, get licensed, and work with experienced tradesmen to get a house built.

Pilots take lessons and pilot small craft for YEARS, usually DECADES, before becoming a co-pilot at a major airline. Then they spend another decade or two as a co-pilot, LEARNING from the Captain, before finally BECOMING the Captain.

Brain surgeons go through more schooling than I can even imagine, and then they spend YEARS working side by side with EXPERIENCED surgeons before they can be in charge of performing a surgery. And even then they’re never alone. They have fellow surgeons and nurses right there to assist.

Yet some online “Marketers” are trying to tell people that they can make a fortune, starting from day one, by simply listening to conference calls or reading ebooks.
Yes, ebooks and e-courses can teach you a lot.

But just like reading a book on how to drive a car can teach you a lot, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for getting behind the wheel.

And when you do, you want someone sitting next to you who knows what they’re doing…

…someone who can give you guidance…

…someone to help you watch out for other cars and obstacles…

…someone to tell you if you’re about to make a deadly mistake…

…someone to be there while we do one of the scariest things we’ll ever undertake…

…learning to pilot a two ton vehicle at high speeds in the midst of a whole bunch of other two ton vehicles trying to share the same road without sharing paint jobs.

Internet marketing is no different.

Yes, you can eventually become successful online without help.

It can be done.

Odds are, you will never do it, though.

You will give up.

That’s nothing personal, it’s simply a fact.

99 people out of a 100 will never, ever be successful online, no matter how much they claim they want it.

First, purchasing an ebook means nothing.

Really, did you read it?

Did you apply ANYTHING in the book?

Do you even remember what you read?

And just because you made a $47 investment, or a $1997 investment, there is nothing that says it will not go totally, completely to waste.

Think about it: If everyone who purchased an ebook on Internet marketing was successful, we’d have hundreds of thousands of rich Internet marketers.

Do we?

No way. You know yourself, you can count on two hands the big names you can think of online. Figure for everyone you know, there are probably 100 you don’t know. So if you can think of ten, there’s maybe 1000 super successful ( $100,000 + per year ) Internet marketers out there.

1000 out of the millions and millions of ebooks and courses and products that have been sold in the past ten years on Internet marketing? That’s only 100 successful people per year.

How do your odds look now?

No one ebook or course or big package is going to give you what you need to be successful. They will give you pieces.

It’s up to you to fit them together, find out what’s missing and fill that in.

There are no college degrees in Internet marketing. Ours is the ONE industry where your training consists of bits and pieces, and you are left to struggle totally, completely on your own.

And it’s bogus.

The fact is, almost no one ever experiences true success without the help of others.

Just because we sit at our computers in our homes doesn’t mean we work in a vacuum.
We need customers.
We need others to help us promote our products.

And before any selling happens, we need guidance on how to choose the right market, choose the right product, create that product, and get it ready to sell.

No one, and I mean no one, builds a successful business all on their own.

If you think it can by done, you’ve bought into a lie.
Are you familiar with the expression, it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know?

Frankly, it’s both.

How are you going to create products that people hunger for if you don’t ask people what they want?

How are you going to market those products if you don’t have contacts to help you get the word out?

How are you gong to do Joint Ventures without other people? JV with yourself?

You can only build a list so big all by yourself…

But you can work with others to build monster lists.

You can only think of so many good ideas by yourself…

But working with others, you can have UNLIMITED ideas, possibilities and solutions.

The list goes on and on.

My points are these:

If you think an ebook or 100 ebooks are going to show you everything you need to build a lifetime business on the Internet,
think again.

If you think you can do everything by yourself, alone, with no help, think again.

You do not work in a vacuum online, you need other people.

And in the beginning…

You either need the thickest skin in the world, along with the perseverance and faith of a saint… …or you need a teacher. A mentor.
Someone to show you the ropes.

Someone to guide you.

My name is Mark Armstrong.

I’ve been online since 1994.

And I am here to help.

Here Are The Top Ten Reasons to
Have a Mentor of Your Own…
10. Experience.

A qualified mentor has already accomplished what you want to do. They know the pitfalls, problems and mistakes that can happen. They know the shortcuts. They know what works and what doesn’t.

There is NO better teacher than experience.

Imagine starting a brand new business with 18 years of experience, compared to starting with NO experience.

When you have a qualified mentor, his experience becomes yours.

It gives you an incredible edge you can gain no other way.

A qualified mentor knows his area of expertise inside and out.

A mentor has been studying and learning his business and his market for years. He is an EXPERT in the field.

If you’re going to build a skyscraper and you’re no architect, are you going to do it yourself? Or get an expert to help you?

If you have to go to court, are you going to represent yourself? Or get an expert who’s been practicing law for years?

Experts have knowledge.

And if you’re lucky enough to find an expert willing to mentor you in your
chosen field, hang on tight and don’t let them go until you’re well on your way to becoming as successful as they are.
Let’s face it, when you work alone, you are your own boss. And often times, that means you’re doing something else when you should be working.

After all, you have no one to answer to but yourself.

So that project you’ve been talking about gets delayed and put off and procrastinated on until you can’t even remember WHY you were doing that project in the first place.

But when you have a mentor, you’ve got someone who is going to hold you accountable. That means when you and your mentor agree that you will have something done by a certain date, you now have a deadline and someone who is going to hold you accountable.

Having a mentor gives you that little edge that keeps you working instead of lounging on your couch or sleeping in.

And let’s face it, we all need that extra motivation now and then.

This goes hand in hand with accountability.

When we’re trying to go it alone, we are a-l-o-n-e, which is a lonely miserable thing to be.

When you have a mentor, you are part of a team.

Need encouragement? Want to bounce an idea around? Negative thoughts intruding?

Get the help and encouragement you need by getting on the instant messenger with your mentor.

Ever wish you had a guardian angel looking out for you, gently guiding you to make the right choices and decisions?

When you have a mentor, you have a business guardian who does exactly that.

In Internet marketing, as in any business, there are 10 wrong answers for every right answer. That is, there are far more things you can do wrong and far more mistakes you can make, then there are right things to do.

So if you’re just “hoping” you make the right choice, the right business decisions and the right moves, odds are you will make many, many mistakes.

This is called the “trial and error” method. And it is a very long, arduous TRIAL because of the many ERRORS you make.

But when you have a mentor to guide you on your path, you sidestep most of those mistakes.

Think of walking through an unfamiliar mine field alone at night, compared to having someone with you in the daylight who has intimate knowledge of where all the buried bombs are.

It makes a tremendous difference,
both in your confidence and your results.

So, you wrote a chapter in your new book, or you made a recording, or you created a website, or you wrote a sales letter.

Is it any good?

What did you forget?

How can you improve it?

Ask your mentor. With his experience and knowledge, who better to ask?

Many newbies ask their spouses and friends. Of course, these are the same spouses and friends who have never made a dime online.

So no wonder they get useless, or worse yet, harmful feedback.

Ask someone who KNOWS.
Ask your mentor.

How much is YOUR time worth?

Do you want to spend the next five years learning from mistake after mistake, until you FINALLY start earning a decent income?

Or would you like to spend the next one to five years building a business that will take care of you for a lifetime?

In the first scenario, you’re barely getting started in five years.

Sort of like taking the next five years and throwing them out the window. Which, by the way, are the youngest five years you have left.

In the second scenario, you’re using your time wisely.

You’re investing your time into finally building the business
that will take care of you and your family
for the rest of your lives.
And the Number ONE Reason to Have a Mentor…

Whew, this is a BIG one.

If you don’t know what you’re doing in Internet marketing, you can waste a LOT of money on useless things you don’t need, while trying to save money by not purchasing the things you DO need!

Worse yet, you can waste entire years of your time getting nowhere.

But without a mentor, it can easily take you years to reach that level, IF you ever do reach that level.

Five years of $3000 per month LOST
because you didn’t have a mentor adds up to $180,000 LOST.
You tell me: Can you afford NOT to have a mentor???

Here’s What YOU Need to Bring to the Table
When You Have a Mentor

Realize that having an Internet marketing mentor puts you
in a unique class of people.

While almost everyone else out there is struggling to build a business…

You now have the inside track.
You have an incredible edge most people only dream of.

Imagine if everyone is trying to get to the top of a huge mountain.

While everyone else is crawling up a slippery, icy slope in gale force winds, you’re taking the secret express elevator.

Having a mentor is a privilege like no other.

There are also responsibilities.

First: LISTEN.

You’ve no doubt paid your mentor well. He deserves every penny, and you deserve every success he can help you win.

So set aside whatever it is you think you know, open up your mind, and listen.

He’s already conquered that mountain over and over again. He knows what he’s talking about.

Second: After You Listen, DO.

Don’t sit.

Don’t ponder.

Don’t wonder.

Just take ACTION.

It’s amazing how many people do not get this one right.

No matter what you’re doing, be it coloring Easter eggs or weeding the yard, it doesn’t get done unless someone takes action.

So get to work.

Third: Expect RESULTS.

Real results.

Today I’m looking to work personally with just a few more people.

Are YOU the right person?

With your answer in mind…

Here are the top three reasons
why you should consider
becoming my protege…

1. I know what I’m doing

2. I know what I’m doing

3. I know what I’m doing


Okay, joking aside, here are the REAL reasons to becoming my protege…

1. I Know What I’m Doing.

I’ve worked hard, I’ve made some truly dumb mistakes (if anyone who claims to be successful tells you they haven’t made mistakes, they’re full of crap.)

And yes, I learned from them and lived through them.

I know what it takes.

I know the methods, the techniques, and the secrets.

I have lived and breathed Internet marketing for more than TWO DECADES now. Since before Netscape had their famous IPO.

And I am GOOD at it.