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BOOM! Another new milestone reached.

Easy Member Neo, really DID live up to its name.

Easy Member Neo lives up to it's name (so far)

Thanks to the easy to follow instructions both written & video, I was able to install my first EVER Membership script.

Yes, after 20 years of Online Marketing, I am finally going to have Memberships on all of my websites.
(including this one-soon)

Easy Member Neo’s Pitch sold me on trying it out. 


“All smart and highly successful marketers know that the real money – the true profitability in Internet Marketing comes from recurring memberships.

Membership sites are Internet Marketing Goldmines!

Guaranteeing you a recurring income and depositing money straight into your Paypal account – each and every month.

Those astute marketers with Membership Sites watch those huge waves of dollars rolling into their Paypal Accounts each and every month…

Don’t you want to be one of THOSE Internet Marketers?!

…Membership Sites = the fastest and most effective way of generating huge profits in Internet Marketing.

So what’s been stopping you?

Easy Member Neo

Well years of experience tells us that:

Membership Sites ALSO NORMALLY = a total pain in the ass to set up + time + effort + some sort of technical background /degree / PHD in Computer Engineering or coding to set them up!

Plus – they’re normally pretty pricey!

Now…if only there was a way to set up your own Internet Marketing Membership Site Goldmine…

A quality site WITHOUT all the fuss, hassle and ANY of the technical know-how normally needed.

For a genuinely bargain basement price -WITHOUT the bargain basement quality!

Introducing Easy Member NEO

Your complete ‘done for you’ solution to a regular recurring income withUNLIMITED LICENSING on all of your own sites …

Incorporating the incredible functionality of:

  • Built In Affiliate Promotion System
  • Run Promotions With Coupons
  • Offer Free Trials
  • One Time Or Recurring Payments
  • Automated Daily Database Backups
  • Create Upsells And One Time Offers
  • Total Autoresponder Integration
  • Content, File and Video Protection
  • Drip Feed Content (Set & Forget)
    UNLIMITED Membership Levels
  • Full Featured WYSIWYG Editor
    Multiple Languages Supported
  • PHPBB forum integration
  • Simple WordPress integration

    I did get stuck on 1 item. A quick email to the support desk and a response at midnight from them solved the issue.

    If you know what a Cpanel is, you can easily do this.
    If you DON’T know what a Cpanel is, no worries. Easy Member Neo offers a FREE installation on one site. If you have more, they’re only $15!

    So IEasy member Neo gets 5 star rating give Easy Member Neo 5 stars out of 5, so far.
    Installation was a breeze.

    Tomorrow, the new website for the #Hackathon HAVANA will be finished-maybe.  (including the Membership area. ) (“Habana” is the correct pronunciation for “HavaMarkChe400-300x225na”, for native Cubans.

    You can follow my progress as I build the website using WP Profit Builder (another excellent tool I own and recommend) Most marketers would never let you see “how the sausage is made.” I say, “come watch”. You might learn something. I know I will.

    Plus, me knowing my work is being observed will light a fire under my ass and make me move faster-haha (and I GOTTA Move Fast-I have 100 websites to build!)


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