My Carribean Project Status Update

"As for the strategy in the very near future, he pointed out that it aims at ensuring “that we bring the Caribbean closer together. "

We want to consider the marketing of the Caribbean and go after new markets, emerging markets.

We have the Chinese market, for example. When Chinese visitors travel to any Caribbean island, they should be able to see one or two countries because they come for a week or two.

“We have to work together to get more of that business." 

We have to go out there and get those new markets.

The Muslims, the Jewish and others are also seeking places to visit.

Let’s find a marketing strategy for one Caribbean.

We’re going to sit down and we’re going to think about our approach to market the Caribbean.

No matter what we do, the big states might be able to survive on their own, but we have to be concerned about the smaller states.

Whether is it is Grenada or Dominica, we have to ensure that all of the countries get significant benefits.”             

This is exactly the type of leader that we can work with to establish the Digital Training Schools Needed all throughout the Caribbean.

I'm going to be living the laptop lifestyle in the Caribbean doing what I love best.

Teaching, Training & Coaching people how to improve. How to get ahead.

So, I've set up a Training Academy called United Islands Academy.

It’s going to be free tuition for anyone from the Caribbean.

I'm going to give a scholarship for anyone from the Caribbean to learn how to be a Digital marketer.

I'm going to train them how to make money from their own Island.

To have a career in the Caribbean that pays well is almost impossible to do for native Islanders.

They have to get off of the island and go to Miami, London, New York and elsewhere to make a decent living.

And, what happens when they get to these faraway places?  Because they are usually black and uneducated they end up with the crappy jobs like cleaning toilets as maids, cleaning dishes at restaurants, mowing lawns driving taxis and other menial tasks.

I'm going to try and recruit the very best Online Marketing Gurus to help me train these people how to get ahead right on their own islands once their training at United Islands Academy is completed.

I'll have the link to the school posted here as soon as I get the final lessons completed.

Mark J Armstrong Caribbean Entrepreneur & #GrowthHacker
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