Have you ever dreamed of being a co-founder of a cool company?

Co-Founder Opportnities

Are You a Talented, Positive Person Who has always wanted to be a boss?

HOLANET GROUP as several niche marketing opportunities.

Are you willing to work hard, take suggestions from other C0-Founders & follow a strategy of giving value & creating good will?  Are you a Giver & not a Taker? Are you a Team Player? Can you lead by example? 

Mentorship Programs offered to aspiring Co-Founders who have the desire to lead teams in developing new products & services.

Always be a Glass half Full Person
If you see this glass as 1/2 empty-Sorry, you don't qualify

10 Co-Founders Wanted

We’re looking for Friendly Leaders who want to help build teams of various skilled talents.


Recruit new customers & advertisers. Train them on the use of the product or service they purchased. Follow up quickly to any questions or issues. Show benefits of upgrading. Ask for referrals. Follow up.


To help people and merchants lead a happier, more prosperous life so we can earn more & share more with others,

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We will help you to achieve your goals while you help grow our business.