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Hey! Are you happy with your life and money situation? If Yes-that’s Awesome!

If not, don’t panic! I’ve got a provocative plan to skyrocket your attitude and your bank balance at the same time!

Mark J Armstrong

My Name is Mark Armstrong.
I’m excited to have you here! 

Consider this your invite to learn more about an awesome business I’m putting together. A business that helps people who need it the most. A business where the profit potential is jaw-dropping. If you’re ready to earn some Real Money…while Spending some Quality Time, this is going to blow your mind!

But first, listen to What a successful Entrepreneur named Gary Vee has to say. You may have heard about this guy. I’m grateful to the motivation he provides for me. Click the play button and see if he does the same for you!

  • Is your life lacking a real purpose?
  • Are you sick of your Job? Your Boss? 
  • Are you ready for some excitement in your life?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then this is your invite to join me to work together and build an awesome business. By leveraging our strengths and our time we both earn more money and get more quality time. I’m a Creative Marketer with a lifetime of experience.  Drop me a line and tell me your strengths. 

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  • If you like the idea of helping me teach Growth Hacking Techniques to “Neo-Preneurs” in the Caribbean who will then do the grunt work while you and I party with the coolest people you have ever met-
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    Gary Vee’s video is an inspiration for me! I hope he fired you up too.

    Join me in the Caribbean as we work like Coaches & party like Rock Stars! All while creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth in the Caribbean.  
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After 20 years of building Online businesses I disconnected totally off the grid? WHY did I decide to come back from a comfortable retirement?

I have the entire Caribbean covered with “Best of” each Island/Country/Major City that are gateways to the Caribbean.

I was only looking to give back some of the knowledge & experience I had picked up with a lifetime of sales/marketing experience.

Why the Caribbean?
Through the years I have met many Caribbean Islanders, both in their neighborhoods and in mine. The one thing that struck me is they are badly disadvantaged career wise staying on their islands.

There just aren’t many great ways to succeed and live an above average lifestyle. Sure, a few find their way, but what about the rest? No one cares, it seems.

Vacationers come and go without realizing that the people they leave behind when they go home will most likely be worse off the following year when the Tourist returns. What’s the answer?

Leave their paradise island and move to New York, Chicago, London, Miami?

Many do this. They leave their families and friends behind for a better opportunity.

That’s a huge sacrifice to make. And, the result is many end up in menial jobs and are discriminated against because of the color of their skin.

  • I was thinking that maybe I could make a difference by bringing some online marketing knowledge to them and help them earn a good living online.
  • Maybe help them open stores and sell the local artworks/souvenirs in an online store
  • Or, show them how to use social media and promote the local hotels and tourist spots?

So, this is the WHY!
Trying to make some kind of an impact on this problem.

This is the HOW!
I have a daring plan to make this happen and I’m looking for some bad-assed people with balls who want to join this Caribbean Party! Let’s create some bad assed online businesses in the Caribbean and train the Islanders how we do it. Then, let’s put them to work, while we go party!!! Sound enticing? Give me your contact info, & LET’S GO!

  • Miami is the Gateway to the Caribbean from the North.
  • Cartagena is the Gateway to the Caribbean from the South.
  • Havana will have the world’s media focus on it for the foreseeable future.

This is MY Neighborhood. Do you want to join my “Gang?”
Let’s do this!