I’ll tell you what I did as a result of this video when you finish watching it. 

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I promise you, if you “got” the message from Bob Proctor here, you’re going to “get” the message in the email I send back to you.

A really awesome pro Growth Hack is waiting for you. But I’m only sending this to 100 people.

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My 3 am Wake Up Call​

I was up Late (early) 3 am & YouTube Suggested This Video.

Man, those Google Geeks Know Me.

But Fear? Who Me? Ah…No.

I grew up in the streets of Chicago.

I learned never to be afraid of anyone or anything.

My Brain? Maybe a little afraid of success. That’s why I was always a slow starter but the winner at the end.

But NOT anymore. thanks to this video by Bob Proctor haha…

But, the people all around me? Lazy, crazy unmotivated & low energy. This explains why they are like that. So I'm passing it on here. Hopefully, if you know someone that needs this you'll share this with them.

Knowledge plus a little Faith minus Fear = WINNING!

A Robot Saved My Life.

It was 3 am.

I was out by the pool having an espresso & a smoke & thinking about all the pieces of my business plan I have yet to mesh together.

I know it’s an awesome plan & I’ve gotten great feedback from a lot of people I trust & respect.

But, every time I think I’ve finally figured it out, some new idea or a new snag comes along that causes me to rethink the whole plan.

I’ve invested many years & dollars bootstrapping to get to this point.

No Venture Capital. No Investors. Nobody to answer to. I like it that way.

It’s all on my shoulders and sometimes it gets daunting. But, I don’t care. I love challenges.

Just finding the best tools & learning all the new hacks developed since I retired and came back, is mind-bending.



I was only retired for 4 years. But, I found out, that’s like an eternity in Internet time. And, I started in ’95, so I should have known better.

Making mistakes. Learning from them.

Finally mastering the tool you decided on, only to have an easier to use & faster process come along the next day.

Streamlining my processes. Automating things, learning Growth Hacking shortcuts. Searching for the right players to pick for my team.

Frustrating sometimes…

Always, thinking, thinking, thinking. What path should I take?

What to do next? What to do tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

And, that’s when this video by Bob Proctor was suggested by YouTube in my feed.
(the “saved by a robot headline”) aka YouTube’s ALGO.

And, Boom! Just like that, it all became clear to me.

The biggest problem a marketer faces, & how to crush it and have an unfair competitive advantage.

Bob Proctor made it so clear for me. I owe him a great deal of thanks. (also YouTube’s ALGO)

I wanted to tell everybody!

I hope it has the same effect on you.

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