Attn: Marketers…It’s Crunch Time.

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Here’s a Wake Up Call for all Digital Marketers.

After a sufficient period of time for testing & surveying small Entrepreneurs, here are some of my findings.

  1. Entrepreneurs don’t have the Time, the Tech , or the Desire to write a daily blog or build complicated sales funnels.
  2. They’re not interested in wasting time on mindless Social Media posting & the time suck of responding to non customer requests or chit chat.
  3. Entrepreneurs are only interested in 3 things: Leads, Sales & Results –Period!

I'm an Entrepreneur. I don't have any "extra" time...

But, I do have the Tech & the Desire to communicate to as many people as possible through Online formats. 

Friends who want to know what I’m up to, so I don’t have to spend 10 minutes on 1 phone call rehashing the same details to the next caller.

Partners, Clients, Vendors & Customers who may need questions answered or want to know what’s coming next.

Workshops & Webinar dates & times.

A hub that links to all of my various projects.

I’m into a lot of different businesses, so I will also use this blog to keep more organized. 

I enjoy writing and styling this Blog, because it helps me relax, while at the time being laser focused on the opportunities & the future.

Now that I figured all of this out, I’m looking for others who want to learn my methods and get paid for showing this to Entrepreneurs. 

I call my method”The Viral-Cycle.”

If you live in this area of South Florida, I’m conducting 2 hour workshops for those that want to earn $1,000 – $3,000 per week.

People ask me where I learned to code websites. 

I tell them, “I don’t know how to code. Actually, I use a Free tool to do it for me & it’s fun to use.”

You can get this tool absolutely free, too. Just give your email address & download.

More...on Next Update.