Self-Sabotaging Behaviors-Procrastination

How to stop self sabotage

There are many types of behaviors. Those that lead to our downfall and those that bring us closer to success.


All of us have had that urge to do something at a later time. Procrastination is all natural and there’s nothing to worry about. It’s basically normal to feel a bit lazy because of stress or a very tiring work week.

But, when you start seeing a pattern that you’re doing it not just once but most of the time, then you have a really big problem on your hand.

Many people procrastinate without even knowing it. The sad part is that they get so good at it that it becomes their default. Stop making excuses. Get your shit done!

Procrastination could lead to 

  • the loss of your career 
  • block you from attaining the achievements that you would have gotten if you had not procrastinated.

It could start with simple things ranging from household chores to important tasks needing to be done in the office.

What causes a person to procrastinate and how can you cure it?

Here’s a brief explanation 

  • what procrastination is
  • how it happens
  • how to cure it:

Understanding And Beating Procrastination


manana city aka do it tomorrow

I live in the Miami area. A city heavy with Latin culture. A favorite word in Miami is “Manana” aka “Tomorrow.”

People in Miami are notorious for showing up late for meetings. (If they even show up at all) Sometimes it’s understandable due to the many traffic accidents shutting down roads for hours. But, mainly it’s people’s laid-back attitude and the procrastination that’s built into the Miami DNA.

How did I cure my Miami meeting problem with these Procrastinators?


If someone kept me waiting at our initial meeting, I always scheduled future meetings 1 hr earlier than I arrived.

Procrastination is purely psychological. So, they either got the message to respect my time for all future meetings and everything was cool, or they sat their and thought about it. (assuming they actually showed up on time and waited 1 hour.)

Procrastination is a mindset where a person disregards the importance of a task and favors another less important one that is more pleasant for him. This often involves several factors:

* Intimidation Or Feeling Overwhelmed – a lot of people may find it hard to do new tasks especially if it is a very hard one. Again, this is all normal.

However, when this intimidation evolves and gets in the way of accomplishing that task then you are already procrastinating. The best solution to this is to break down a huge task into tiny segments that are more manageable. This way, it is easier to cope with and evade procrastination.

Learn How To Say No!
Many people get into trouble with their procrastination because they are too agreeable to do tasks for others. Make “No” be your default answer when someone asks you to do something. Take care of your own shit first.

Undesirable Feeling – a lot of us have that feeling of unease while we work. This often reduces productivity levels drastically. To eliminate this problem, adding a little peer pressure can sometimes help.

That’s one reason 200 WordsADay is growing. You’ve gotta keep up your streak because there’s that scorecard gamification staring you in the face.

Build a reward system for yourself.
What I do after I write my words on 200WAD is I post them to my Blog, and to Social Media platforms. I then turn the words into a PDF to add to my lead magnet arsenal. I then do some edits and additions to the appropriate chapter for my upcoming course, “Mastering the Street Smart Mindset.”

Once my “content re purposing” is complete, I head out to the gym for 45 minutes of weights & cardio and do any shopping that’s needed.

Sure, there are days when I “don’t feel like it.” Tough. I tell myself, “I’ve gotta do it. Nothing or nobody is going to stop me. ” (That’s what I mean by self-talk)

Use whatever language or “trick” motivates yourself to cure this negative habit of Procrastination. Successful people know Procrastination is like Kryptonite to their Super-Powers. Name one successful person you know that is a Procrastinator. I bet you can’t. Procrastination and success are opposites. They don’t work together.

Think of all the benefits that you get once you complete a task. Imagine that very fulfilling feeling, that dopamine rush, when you have finally made it through a tough task. This will motivate you into completing more tasks and becoming more productive. Soon this habit becomes ingrained into your psyche. (Ship It!)

Procrastination is a serious problem but can be resolved without too much pain.

Motivation & Self-Talk play a huge role in preventing procrastination from happening. But, if you think you are already a procrastinator, the first thing you must do is to acknowledge the problem.

Only then when you have accepted that you are already procrastinating can you start curing it. Keep a journal of what you accomplish each day and what you didn’t. Keep score and be brutally honest with yourself. Which side is winning? The “Pro” you or the “Procrastinator” you?

How can you change your score and improve your success chances each day?

As NIKE tells us, while they sell us…”JUST DO IT.

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