The Street Smart Mindset

Growth Mindset

What it is...How To Get It.​

About "Mindset"

Street Smart Mindset is the ‘how-to’ manual of life your parents should have given you at birth.

By learning these principals & taking action, you’ll know how to deal with the many life, business & relationship  situations that are thrown your way and how you can always come out on top.

If things aren’t going quite your way these days, you owe it to yourself to learn & apply these  Mindset strategies. 

You’ll be amazed at how your life can change for the better in so many ways.

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Mindset, Focus
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About Mark Armstrong

Angel Investor-Growth Marketer-Author

I’m Mark Armstrong and today I’m here to tell  you what having a “Street Smart” Growth Mindset can do for your life, business & relationships. 

Hey! So, how’s your Mindset, so far?

You can relax and put your wallet away, I’m not here to hard sell you anything. 

Over the past 25 years I have invested in Online start-up companies where I took a hands on approach in the development & marketing of these businesses. 

Being an Entrepreneur in 2018 is EASY…but it’s not. 

That’s why I’m teaching “The Street Smart Mindset” everywhere I go.

I want your business, life & relationships to get the life changing advice I will be sharing with you each day. 

So get on my list and you’ll receive daily success tips that will change your life. 

And, if you need more of a specialized assistance, I’ve opened up my calendar for just a few more VIP clients. Book a Free Introductory session with me now on my Calendar Page.

To your success, 

Mark J. Armstrong
Armstrong Fitness

Here I am with one of our Energy Drink models working out & coaching at Armstrong Fitness. The Tshirt was purchased in Havana, Cuba when I was there and organized Cuba’s 1st Hackathon. That was the first thing I did when I “unretired.” 

Oh, you didn’t know about that? See how that happened here.

Yeah, Gary Vee motivated me from just one video & just one word, “experience.”

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I’m taking you along  so you can watch over my shoulder as I build a new website  to introduce The “Street Smart Mindset.” 

These are the steps to start.

  1. Decide on a cool name.
  2. See if that domain is available as a dot com.
  3. See if Social Medias are available with the name.
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Install Elementor Page Builder and other plugins.
  6. Put up a promo squeeze page prior to launch.

Part 7-10 Next Update

Watch Starting Steps

Street Smart Mindset part1
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