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Have some fun with it! 

You can put your domain name or logo over mine, I don’t mind-
Took me just 2 minutes to make in the awesome, newly released graphics program I bought.
If you’re in a hurry just forward as is and watch the women’s responses. Too cool! haha

Speaking of fun-I’m Headed over to the Deerfield Beach Art Festival this afternoon with Odette, the Manager of Best Of Should be a lot of fun. We have never met before-All online activity. I’ll let you know if sparks fly (haha just kidding Odette) 

Find us if you’re headed over to Deerfield Beach.

The video below was from the Art festival @ The Beach 4 years ago. Just before my retirement.

Oh? You didn’t know I was retired and living off the grid for 4 years. No Cell phone. No email. Only a Broward County Library card. (read hundreds of books-It’s why I’m so smart 🙂 Well, click here if you want to see what brought me back into the 24/7/365 grind of Online Marketing.

Love it! Art Festival @ The Beach. 
Like anyone needs another excuse to head to the beach, right? haha

I feel sorry for all you snow shovelers and jump start car battery people.

Been there. Done that. Will be wearing the Tshirt at the Art Festival. LOL!

See you there. 

Deerfield Beach Art Festival held at the beach on a beautiful warm January day 77 degrees.
Over 100 vendors and thousands of local residents participated

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