Finding your key to happiness

The Key To Happiness And Success

Mark J Armstrong

Mark J Armstrong

It’s so easy to make a "New Year's Resolution" to say we want to be happy and successful. We're going to do this, that & the other. YAda YAda. But getting there takes so much more than just saying it. You need to take action, too.
  • It’s so easy to make a “New Year’s Resolution” to say we want to be happy and successful. We’re going to do this, that & the other. YAda YAda.

But getting there takes so much more than just saying it. You need to take action, too.

Taking action.

This is where most people fail. They love to talk the talk and feel that dopamine rush, but can never seem to follow through, aka “to walk the walk.”

They start off brimming with enthusiasm. They’ll plan out how they’re going to become successful and happy, but along the way, they’ll realize it’s too much work. So, they stop and forget all about their dreams. And they end up unsuccessful and unhappy. And, in looking back at their life, they are filled with regret. They had the right idea. The right plan. But, they were not motivated enough to follow through. They wimped out.

You see, these people lost their motivation.

Without the “MOJO” aka “Motivation”, they have no fuel to continue their journey, so they stop in the middle of the road. They end up waiting on the sidelines, watching life go by. They get stuck in their comfort zones, and they think now they have no other choice but to live out the rest of their lives in misery.

The good news is everything’s not over yet. If you’re reading this article, then it means you’ve still got some life left in you. That means you’ve got a “fighting chance” to go after your dreams of happiness and success once again.

Quitters are never going to win. If you don’t want to be labeled as a quitter for the rest of your life, then you need to get back out there and continue your journey!

The only question now is how to get your motivation back. Motivation can be classified into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is that fire burning within you, while extrinsic motivation are external factors that will motivate you to get off your ass (like rewards and punishment).

  • Never EVER forget your “WHY.” 
  • Why do you want to be successful? 
  • Why do you want to be happy? 
  • Who are you doing all these things for? 
  • For yourself? Or for someone dear to your heart? 

Use these questions as motivation to stay on track and ask yourself constantly until you get the right answer…

Surround yourself with positive influences and stay away from people who’ll tell you that you’re never going to amount to anything. Turn off that Fuck**g news and stop all your device’s notifications.

If you get trapped within a circle of negativity or burnout, you’ll find it extremely difficult to succeed in anything. This is the time to find a Mentor or a Coach to help spring you out of the trap and help guide you back onto the right path.

Establish milestones and celebrate even the smallest wins. These are going to help sustain you and encourage you to continue doing your best.

Don’t be afraid of failing.

I have learned to look at failure as a sort of an A/B test.

In my mind, “I’m at a crossroads in the forest. One path goes East. One path goes West.

  • Which path do I choose? 
  • How do I decide?

I choose the path my gut tells me is the right one.

I have taught myself this “Gut-Instinct” skill through a lifetime of trial and errors.

As I travel the path, I look for signals that confirm my decision to go this way and not that way. (think of this as Validation.) I also look for danger signals and let my gut guide my decision to go on or to turn back and take the other path.

  • Fail fast and fail often. 
  • Treat failure as your friend and learn from your mistakes. 
  • Failure is only fatal if you stop testing. It’s going to show you the path you need to take to be happy and successful in life! 
  • So pay attention to your gut. 
  • But, only if its been trained.

I have a mind game that I have developed and honed since I was a kid.

If you want, I’ll teach you this soft-skill so you too can have super confidence in the decisions you make about life, love, and business, so you’ll never again have to look back in regret.

You can book your call here:

Speaking of “gut”…Did you do your 50 push-ups this morning? Remember what I told you, “You need to take action.”

Read this essay again and ponder the meaning of these words and how they will help you as you drop down and give me 50!