This is Crazy!

I get a lot of mail each day. I used to read it all and snip out good ideas and copyrighting excellence and I kept those in a “swipe file.”

These days, i barely skim the thousands of emails I receive each day.

I have dozens of E-mail addresses and all them come into 1 gmail account. 

I’m telling you this because today I received an email that really opened my eyes to the possibilities of making viral income on auto-pilot.

This is the email that I received.

Click, Copy, Paste & PROFIT!
Duplicate My Profits & Go VIRAL!
Just copy, paste & PROFIT!

Hey Mark Armstrong,
We have secured access to a new software
system that allows you to easy copy and paste
profits, without a catch!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I
promise you, IT’s NOT! 

You gotta see this for yourself!
Go here now:  (the link)
You’re gonna be blown away!
Talk soon,

Here's The Deal...

I’m only sending this link to those that request it. I didn’t feel right about just blindly posting this online. 

If everyone got this link, it would water this program down & make it a lot less profitable. 

So, if you promise to only give this link to people you know and not just post the link online (where everyone & their brother will get it) go ahead and click the button. Tell me your name and where I should send the link. I’ll send it right out to you.