Tuesday a Blues Day

So it was one those Tuesday Blues days.
Fuck it-I'm going on a cruise

No, I’m not talking “Blues” as in Blahs…
I’m talking Blue Manchu. As in, nothing but Blue! I’m talking about the sea of seven colors-all blue. The San Andres Archipelago.

San Andrés is a Colombian coral island in the Caribbean Sea.  It’s off the coast of Nicaragua and hundreds of miles from Colombia. But, it is Colombian land.

One of my new websites: Best Of SanAndres.co is looking for a local to help launch the website.

So far, no one qualified. I may have to go down there myself. It’s a tough job! But, someone has to do it. haha.

Looks like in June I’ll be headed down for awhile. If you’ve heard of the magic of these islands and you ever wanted to experience this magical fantasy in person, I’ll be taking along a crew of people.  Drop me a line if you want to join us for some Real Caribbean Adventures.


The Aerial Eye at San Andres Colombia from Morten Pedersen on Vimeo.

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