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In Real Estate, It’s Location, Location, Location

In Marketing, It’s Focus, Focus, Focus

You Must Focus to succeed in marketing
Success in marketing is Not Hocus Pocus… It’s Focus, Focus, Focus.


What’s YOUR personality type? What are YOU going to do to fix it?

checkmark2The Starter
You’re GREAT at starting projects, but get bored easily. You have what I call “shiny-object” syndrome. You lack the discipline to finish what you started. You begin strong, but always seem to slowly fall apart as time passes because you have your eyes set on something more exciting. You are constantly looking for the “Next Big Thing” and the “Silver Bullet” that will change your life. You’re the “Grass is greener on the other side of the fence” type.

checkmark2The Planner
If someone has ever told you to stop overthinking, you’re most likely a planner. You’re great at making plans, creating spreadsheets, and mapping out goals – but you’re still at the place where you started. You’re always experiencing “analysis-paralysis” and use the excuse, “It’s not ready yet… I’ve got just one more tweak to finish.” You’re stuck in beta land and never moving forward.

checkmark2The Socializer
You’re a social butterfly. You love to have fun and be everyone’s best friend. You talk too much and always get distracted from getting things done. You know how to put your business out there but you can get carried away. You enjoy socializing more than the success of your business. This can hurt you because you’re running around doing a lot of “work,” but nothing really gets done.

checkmark2The Doubter
You have an awesome idea, great business plan, but you’re scared of taking risks. You want to start your own business, but you also enjoy your steady paycheck and daily routine. You have doubts about yourself and whether or not you can make it out there as an entrepreneur. You’re always scared of the unknown and that holds you back from everything, not just as a business owner.

  • Does the list above make sense to you?
  • Do you feel like you have a little bit of each personality?
  • Well, no worries, we all have these traits in us. Some more than others.The only difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one, is that the successful entrepreneur has a balance of all four personalities.How do you do that? Partner or Socialize with those that have these qualities and leverage each other’s strengths to offset the weaknesses.

    Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Self-Made Billionaire Effect said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

    One or Zero. One or Zero. 1 or 0.
    (there’s your two opposing ideas).

    Where I like to hang out. On the corner of Marketing Ave. & Strategy St.
    Where I like to hang out. On the corner of Marketing Ave. & Strategy St.


    We live in a digital world where your customer either clicks your link and you win! Or, your customer clicks your Competitor’s link and it’s Hasta La Vista, Baby!

    One nano second. One blink of the eye. One click of the mouse… and BOOM!
    Just like that…(snaps 1f44cmy fingers) your Customer is no longer your Customer. Doesn’t matter if they’ve been loyal to you for 30 years. It only takes one link. One click to say goodbye. (heck, 30 years ago there no such device as a “mouse”.)

    Chances are when you heard the word “mouse”, Mickey & Minnie came to mind-Not something that could steal a lifelong customer from you in the blink of the eye.

    I struggle with balancing all of these traits myself. Each day I have to fight the impulses of all these challenges pulling at me.

    I currently work on 4 computers (all with different operating systems) WinXP, Win8, Win10, Chromebook. I am editing video from 4 video cams (and re editing video I have shot in exotic Caribbean locales over the last 20 years. I am building 77 Caribbean themed websites. Each needs a Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and FaceBook Page also.

    Some days, I look at what’s ahead and say to myself, “Self, are you f***ng crazy?” I am only 6 months back from a 4 year, totally off the grid, retirement. After a lifetime of success and failures, it’s still not easy to focus because of the hyper fast world we are living in.

    What’s your personality type? What are you going to do to fix it?

    Me? By writing this I, again have taken time away from my huge list of todos, but by writing this I also think it’s going to help me. You know why? Because I am going to print this and tape it to each of my workstations and when I lose focus I am going to read this f***i*g message and get my ass back to work, like I am right now! haha.

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